Walk like a penguin, fly like a bird

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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it’s probably the only thing that you can remember about the briefing when you get to the bridge.
About a 3-hour scenic drive from Kathmandu and a 166 meter walk across the Jhulunge pul (wobbly bridge), your bungee experience starts.

At 160m high the bungee jump at the Last Resort is 7th highest in the world (8th if you count the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado which is only open annually during the Go Fast Games); the highest being the Macau Tower in China at 233m.

The wild, rugged setting of the Bhote Koshi gorge with the river roaring below and the opportunity of doing the Canyon Swing however makes it for one of the one of the must go places for jumps. While the bungee jump is a 160m of pure adrenaline, the Canyon Swing in itself lets you free fall 100m into the gorge and then swing a 240m arc at 150km per hour.

Its US$ 65 for a trip to the Last Resort including two-way travel, lunch and bungee jump or a canyon swing, US$ 85 if you do both the bungee jump and swing and US$ 20 for each additional bungee or swing. The best bit – do 3 jumps and the 4th is free!
So go on, head over to the Last Resort and step unto the Last Metre – test yourself and treat yourself to the ultimate adrenaline rush!!


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