Tonight, Full Moon concert @Pashupati

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12 September 2011
12 October 2011
10 November 2011
10 December 2011

From 4pm to 8:30 pm
Pashupatinath Temple

The Kirateshor Temple at  Pashupatinath has been home to monthly full moon concerts since 1992.

The concerts, which are organized by the Kirateshor Sangeet Ashram, begin at four in the afternoon and continue into the night of the full moon in the temple’s open courtyard.

Kirateshor Temple is located on a hill behind the main Pashupati temple complex. It is surrounded by greenery and affords views of the Pasupatinath area and the hills and mountains to the north of Kathmandu. The air is fresh and there is always a cool breeze. It is a also a quiet spot away from the traffic – listen closely when the music is not playing and you can hear the tumble and splash of the Bagmati River which flows at the foot of the hill. You can either approach the temple over the hills from Pashupati or across a bridge spanning the Bagmati and then up a long flight of stone stairs to the temple’s main entrance.

It is an ideal place to make music and the temple itself is deeply rooted in Nepali history and culture: ‘Kirateshor’ is a name for the god Shiva and is derived from the word ‘kirat’ – the name for the people of the Himalayas. Shiva is often associated with music and the temple marks the spot where, according to the epics of the Mahabarat, Arjun received blessings from Shiva.

The full moon concerts bring together leading classical musicians of Nepal and make their music available to a large audience free of charge. The full moon concert program always follows the same pattern. The music starts at four in the afternoon with bajans (religious devotional songs) and these continue until six when the classical music program begins. Nowadays the concerts end at 8.30 pm, but in the past they continued until ten in the evening. Guest artists from India and elsewhere regularly appear, but the late afternoon slots are usually given to young and novice players.


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