Across the Himalayas in 128 days

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I did it within 128 days…can be done earlier or later depending upon route…for exact Great Himalayan Trail is estimated about 150 days…

In 2011, Sunil Tamang, a 20 y.o. Nepali successfully completed a 128 days cross country trek (east to west Nepal across Himalayas) he named “TREK FOR CHANGE-2011

Sunil describes himself as an adventurer thirst to explore around the world and praise the beauty while making best efforts to preserve it for generations to come.

Trek for Change 2011

After 128 days of rigorous trekking across the breadth of Nepal, which was an immense test of my spirit and determination, I have finally concluded my Trek for change 2011 campaign. I am glad to announce the success of the trip and that the journey is an unforgettable moment in my life for me as a human being. It was test of my determination and courage, as I had to subsist on a frugal diet and seek guidance from the signs of nature.

My respect and love for the Himalayas have grown much more in 128 days. The life of people living in the area has inspired me and taught me great lessons in life. The natural beauty that lies in the untrodden paths is marvelous and jewel in the crown of Himalayas. In the past many days I have learnt to adjust with nature and to build a harmony with it so we can all live as sons and daughters of Himalayas. It is our duty to study and praise the beauty while making our best efforts to preserve it for generations to come

The whole journey is a lifetime experience and I believe in sharing it with you all. I am organizing different events to channel efforts to learn about the Himalayas and help in its preservation. I hope for participation from all enthusiasts, young or adult for this great cause.

Sunil Tamang was born in the majestic Himalayan district (Rasuwa) of Nepal. His parents being farmers, he spent his childhood working in the field, helping them with the rigorous task of growing crops in the lifeless and graveled soil.

We used to make trips around the himalayas to get to our land. The sight of himalayas, so prodigious, formidable and fascinating, has always filled me with immense pleasure and a passion to conquer them. I appreciate it’s beauty and the zeal to explore these majestic peaks have only increased with age.

My ‘Trek For Change-2011’ is not just about an undertaking by an enthusiast. It is, as the name suggests, an undertaking to enhance our understanding about the changes in himalayas, the lives of local people and the impacts of global warming, while preserving the spirit of adventure. I look forward to aware people and impart my knowledge and findings about the effects of global warming in the himalayas. My mission is also to draw attention of local, national and international community to unite and co-operate to solve the rapid global warming.

I knew Nepal was beautiful, I knew Nepalis were friendly and helpful, but after the trip I realised Nepal is even more beautiful than I thought it was and the people are even more helpful and generous.

Meet Sunil on Trek for Change 2011


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