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RockSitar is an instrumental band, headed by the most popular Sitar player of Nepal, Bijaya Vaidya.

Bijaya Vaidya is most commonly identified with the name Sur Sudha, another instrumental performing group he actually pioneered all the way to fame, back in the 90s.

This time around, Bijaya Vaidya has reinvented his artistic effort in the form of a RockSitar. This RockSitar spectacle is indeed a novelty because he in fact plays it standing, quite a contrast from the traditional style of playing Sitar whilst sitting.

Perhaps what is most noteworthy of the RockSitar, from the other conventional Sitars, is its undoubtedly different sound intonation.

The RockSitar group of instrumentalists, deliver a meditational vibration of music showcasing only their instruments without much if at all any vocal exhibition, therefore allowing the listener to truly become absorbed in real soulful meditation. RockSitar has toured extensively cross the globe and boasts performances in celebrity arenas such as Olympia in France.

This Nepali ensemble of musicianship is a culture all in itself.

Art has always been the basis of rich culture, since time immemorial. RockSitar conveys this principle of art, through musical content with titles like, ‘Mother Nature’ or  ‘Eternal Bond’, songs which in essence imbibe a real mood of humanity.

Bijaya Vaidya with RockSitar aims at conveying the higher values of life, to the secular society of our world today. In Nepal RockSitar’s works are greatly anticipated and the performing group has commanded a commendable response from the public, at their live shows in diverse audiences even in Nepal.  RockSitar may very well be rightfully deemed ambassadors of Nepal on account that music is humanity’s Linga Franca, the unifying dialect which we all speak, such that Bijaya Vaidya, as musical royalty of Nepal, easily figures representative.

Bijaya Vaidya is an established Sitar Virtuoso and perhaps the most traveled and known musical Ambassador of Nepal

He has performed in thousands of concerts in major cities around the globe – most of his performance completely dedicated to charity and fund raising for social works.

Along his musical career, he has helped establish many different musical and cultural academy in Nepal. In Nepal he is regarded as a legendary Sitar player and the most known recording artist and performer. This acclaim comes out from his long years of efforts in promoting Nepali music and opening new doors for the Nepali music industry.

He has been promoting all genre of music from eastern classical, rock and roll to the Celtic forms of music. Because of his broad experiences he is very well versed in the cultural and social life of Nepal and his people.

Bijaya also advocates for peace and harmony on planet Earth during each of his performances. Bijaya’s philosophy of ‘selfless help and compassion’ has touched many back at home. He was placed first in Nepal and third on the Bachelor’s of Music examination of Prayag Sangit Samitee and also finish his Master’s Degree in Music from Prayag Sangit Samitee Music Academy in Allahbad, India and Bachelor of Arts from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Band Members:

Bijaya Vaidya, Sitar Player

Pratap K.C., Flute Player

Pratap K.C. Is experience flute player of Nepal. He holds diploma in music. He is a good student of Ustad Purna Bahadur Thapa reputed senior vocalist of Nepal. He visited in India to have further knowledge of music with Ustad Fahi Mulla Khan He has already preformed many concerts and recording with renowned artists. He is also teaching flute in reputed high school in nepal for last 6 years.

Suren Lama, Guitar Player

Suren Lama is a versatile guitar player and he started his carrer in Music from 1998 with a band that played around various pubs in Thamel. He has played with many bands ranging from major concerts to small gigs. He has played in almost all the star rated hotels in Nepal. He has worked with artists like Mira Rana, Prakash Shreshtha, Kiran Pradhan, Lochan Bhattarai, Bimala Rai from Nepalese Adhunik Music (Modern Music). He has worked with many artists from pop music too. He has done recording sessions in more than 500 songs so far. Music that he plays is funk, blues, rock, metal, reggaae and eastern style.

Recently he worked with Subharambha a musical group that celebrated 100 years of Nepalese music and payed tribute to late Narayan Gopal, late Mitra Sen and late Dibya Khaling who have contributed a lot in Nepalese Music.

He is also working in a NGO called Prayas that works for street children and he works as a program officer.

Deepak Shakya, Bass Guitar player

Deepak Shakya the bass guitarist has been into the music scene since 1999. Started musical career as a bass guitarist with the ” Mystic” band (winner of the All Nepal Band Competition, Shikhar Beat Contest in the year 2002) and performed many concerts in different venues and as guest artist for various Inter College Band Competitions too.He has been playing in various pubs of Thamel since 2002. He has been playing varieties of music from Rock .Blues, Funk, Heavy Metal, Indian classical, Western and Eastern. He has worked with many bands in major concerts to small gigs in Nepal.

Nikhil Tuladhar, Drum and Djimbe Player

 Nikhil Tuladhar is Passionate Musician in Nepal. He has a wide experience in music working with different great artists in home and abroad. He is playing for 15 years Blues and Jazz/Fusion in Thamel. He is also a one of the famous rhythm teacher as well as recording artist in Nepal. His innovation in Djimbe makes this instrument famous in his country.

Meet Rock Sitar on :
and on Wed 28 Sept 2011 – 1:30pm onwards @ Awaaz

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