5th Kathmandu Marathon 2011

24 Sept. 2011

Kathmandu Marathon Office,
Email: info@kathmandumarathon.com

Marathon route goes throught the heart of 3 cities of Kathmandu valley- Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur and you will run throuh the 17th Century palatial Monuments and with the backgroung of the snow peaked Himalayan chain.

  • Marathon Men/Women
  • Half Marathon Men/Women
  • 5Km Men/Women
  • 5Km School Boys/Girls
  • 3Km Wheel Chair
The Real- 5th Kathmandu Marathon

is an sporting event where we bring the people together from different walks of life and is revered for the emotional connect that they establish in the hearts and minds of the citizens. The Real- Kathmandu Marathon provides the city with a platform to come together in a celebration that cuts across social and economic barriers. It brings together the common man, the corporate czar, the politician, the socialite and the physically challenged onto one platform. It is an event that stirs the conscience of every citizen, encouraging them to reach out in aid of a cause or charity.

History of the Marathon

It is rare to find the written History of Marathon in Nepal. Nepal`s Marathon runners’ participation in Olympic has been quite regular since Nepal`s first participation in Tokyo in the year 1964.

The oldest Nepali Marathon runners are traced as Min Bahadur Bista and Gaja Raj Joshi. In the First Asian Games held in New Delhi in 1982, Gaja Raj Joshi participated for the very first time in the history of international Marathon competition.

It has been noticed that many Nepali Marathon runners have individually participated in different Marathon events of the World, but there is no statistics available.

Baikuntha Manandhar is one of the most prominent Marathon runners of Nepal, who has participated in 4 Olympic games and, held the South Asian record for quite a long time.


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