Chhath Parva Festival – Culture

20 November 2012

Places to observe: Terai region of Nepal
This festival is mainly celebrated in Janakpur by the Maithali-speaking people as well as in the rest of the country. It has been a cultural convergence of both the Maithali speaking people and the people migrated to Janakpur from hill areas.

Chhath festival is marked for 4 days. Men and women prepare special dishes made up of special rice and molasses and taste them after an audience to the moon. They take a dip in Ganga Sagar, the famous lake of the area.

During the 4 days festival, the devotees worship the rising and setting sun. They have a belief that worshiping the sun would help cure diseases and bring about longevity and prosperity to their family members. Local people say that the festival has become more important after migrants from the hills also adopted it as their own cultural asset.

In Kathmandu, this festival can be observed at Rani Pokhari Temple, in the center of the city.


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