Dashain Festival – Culture

Oct 16t – Oct 24 2012

Dashain is the longest and most favorite festival of Nepal. skies of Kathmandu filles with kites. Big swings are set on the grounds for children and grown ups alike. Animals like buffaloes, goats, ducks and chickens are sacrified to the goddess Durga on Kal Ratri (the dark night) to celebrate her victory over evil.

Following day, on Nawami, people clean their vehicles and sacrifice animals or eggs for safe journey throughout the year.

The next day on Dashami (Tika), people dress up well and visit elders to receive large red tikas of vermilion paste on their foreheads.

In the following days of Dashain, families and friends unite, feasts are consumed, blessings are imparted and gifts are exchanged.

Series of festival during Dashain in 2012:

  • Ghatasthapana (Start of Dashain Festival) – 16 Oct
  • Phulpati – 21 Oct.
  • Maha Ashtami or Kal Ratri- 22 Oct.
  • Maha Nawami -23 Oct.
  • Bijaya Dashami (Tika day) – 24 Oct.
  • Purnima (Last day of Dashain Festival) – 29 Oct.
The first nine day of Dashain is also referred as Dashain in many regions of Nepal.

Best place to observe: all over the country. The entire country is in enthusiastic holiday mood at the time of the festival.

  1. Bishnu Dai says:

    I like it . Lets meet all friends and celebrate this festival in kathmandu . Wish to meet up and party .

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