Janai Poornima and Rakshya Bandhan

2 August 2012

On Janai Poornima, a full moon day, high-caste Hindus chant the powerful Gayatri mantra and change their Sacred Thread (janai), while a raksya bandhan, a red or yellow protection on cord, is tied around the wrists of other Hindus and Buddhists.janai_poornima_p1.jpg

Pilgrims journey to Gosaikunda (sacred lake in Langtang National Park). They pray to Lord Shiva by bathing in the sacred lake. Kumbheswar Mahadev temple at Patan is also crowded with pilgrims where a pond is specially prepared for the festival.

Places to Observe:
Throughout Nepal, specially Pashupati Area and Kumbheswor, Patan


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