Mani Rimdu Festival

Starting 29 October 2012

Place to observe: Khumbu region of Everest region, Tengboche Monatery

Mani Rimdu is the most important festival in Tengpoche. Trips to the Everest region can be rewarding if they can be organized during the days of the festival. It consists in nine days of ceremonies and meditation (Drupchen). This is concluded by a special blessing ceremony given by Tengboche Rinpoche to the public and to the world. Renowned Mask Dances are performed by the monks at Tengboche Monatery.

The following are approximate dates of Mani events this year based on the Tibetan lunar calendar.

  • Preparations including making the sand Mandala and Tormas
  • Drupchen ceremonies
  • Monks practise dancing without masks
  • Blessing to the general public (Wang)
  • Famous Mask Dances performed by the monks in a long ceremony
  • Concluding fire Puja.
  1. Vishnu says:

    Great , i will join it for sure .

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