NamoBuddha Peace Rally for Social Harmony

Date 23 Asar 2069, Saturday (7th July 2012)


1. To Promote solidarity/harmony from paddling society
2. To Promote Namo Buddha as internal tourism Spot
3. To promote environmental protection through cycle riding and plantation
4. Natural Living is Superb living

Route Swoyambhu-Bouddha- Tinkune- Jagati—Surya Binayak- Banepa- Dhulikhel- Namo Buddha
Total Distance 54 kms
Duration 2 days, one night stay at the Namo Buddha
Total Number of participants Max 50
Registration Charge Rs 1,000

Application Deadline 16 Asar 2069 (31 June 2012)
Form Available at Varios Bicycle Shops of Thamel and and can be downloaded from the facebook groups. First you need to be member of the group:

Organizers Step for Miles, Co-Organizers: Sanjivan,

Tentative Plans:
Day 01 starting point from Bouddha
08:30 Bouddha – Breakfast and Briefing
10:30 Arrival at Jagati and brief stopper
12:30 Banepa – lunch
14:00 Arrival at Dhulikhel – welcome by local people
16:00 Arrival at Namo Buddha

Day 02
07:00 Tour of Namo Budha temple complex and place where Boddhisatva sacrifices his body
08:00 Departure to Kathmandu
Significance of Namo Buddha


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