Tihar Festival – Culture

11 November 2012 Kaag Tihar (Crow Pooja)
12 November 2012 Kukur Tihar (Dog Pooja)
13 November 2012 Laxmi Puja,
14 November 2012 Tihar & Nepal Sambat 1133
15 November 2012 Goru puja, Mha Puja (Bhaktapur)
16 November 2012 Bhaitika

Bhai Tika known as the festival of Lights, Tihar is celebrated for five days. Houses are illuminated at night and special sweets of different varieties are prepared.

Places to observe: all over the country.

On Bhaitika day (16 Nov.), best place to observe : Rani Pokhari, Kathmandu (temple opened once a year only on Bhaitika day)

Tihar is celebrated as the second biggest festival after Dashain. It is the festival of lights tinsel decorations and sweets. On different days, people worship crows, dogs, cows and oxen with vermilion, garland and delicious food for their important role in the society.

On the night of Laxmi puja,houses are cleaned and decorated with candles, oil lamps and other lights with the belief that the Goddess Laxmi will enter the house that is bright and cleanest. Garlands are hung at the doors and windows and lamps are to lit to invite Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth into homes, shops and workplaces.

Newar community in Nepal also observes Maha puja, a ritual of worshipping one’s own body and soul to remain healthy and happy for the rest of the year. Best place to observe is in Bhaktapur, 14 km East of Kathmandu.

On Bhaitika, the last day of the festival is the day when sisters make offering to their brothers for their longevity to safeguard the lives of his sisters and brothers in return reward them with valuable goods. The rituals of breaking a walnut, putting on garlands of Makhamali flowers and encircling brothers in rings of mustard oil are performed to protect them from Yama, lord of death.

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