Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo© (UTCD) and Ultra Trail Chismes Annapurna© (UTCA).

October 19th – November 3rd 2011

Mountain trail running at Annapurna and Dolpo
Organizer: Chismes
  • The increasing demand of runners seeking races in challenging harsh conditions and attractive environments has impelled us to cover such demands by offering two mountain races: “Ultra Trail Chismes-Annapurna ©” and “Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo ©”. The location chosen for racing is the country of Nepal, where its geography, rich in stunning mountain landscapes, rivers, depressions, plateaus, and inhospitable places, make the country a dream for those who love nature, including those interested in the activity of mountain running.
  •  “Ultra Trail Chismes-Annapurna ©”: is established to adapt runners to the hostile environment and altitude given in the last race “Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo ©”. The route starts at the village of Besisahar at 820 metres above sea level, where we will be feeling temperatures of approximately -5 ° and +26 °, along 110km, during the 3 days of racing and which will save a cumulative positive drop of 5,175m. and a negative one of  3,226m.  Altitude will be gained gradually as we cross the Marsyangdi River basin and enter the Annapurna National Park, where the countryside and orography will vary from embedded valleys with lush vegetation formed by large depressions, to open high valleys, where the dryness of the mountain begins to show its presence, and from where we can see the impressive mountains of the area: Manaslu 8,163m., Annapurna 8,091m. and Dhaulagiri 8,167m. We will reach an altitude of 5,416m. at the Thorung Pass; a spot that separates the districts of Manang and Jomsom. We will go through towns that are different from each other, but keep one thing in common; the happy and sociable people, who along with the beauty of the environment, work together to make us feel at ease as we integrate ourselves into these lands.
  • “Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo ©”: Besides the three-day run through the park lands of Annapurna, the route will go along the upper and lower Dolpo with an average altitude of about 4,200m, and possible temperatures of approximately -20 º and +22º recorded in the month of October. After running in the “Ultra Trail Chismes-Annapurna ©” race, runners rest for one day in Jomsom and then continue. They will face 6 days where there is a positive cumulative altitude of 9,000m. and a negative one of 9,300m. a distance of 243km. Runners go down to deep depressions, highland riverbeds, go through numerous mountain passes, cross rivers without bridges, tread different harsh paths, pass over precipices  with the risk of falling into them, and all in the most purest state of nature that we could find in a mountainous environment of Nepal. The hostile region north of the central massif of the Himalayas, north-west of Dhaulagiri, makes this place, an arid area in altitude, where the splendid view is lost into the horizon full of barren mountains and snow, while also giving us the satisfaction of running through woods and contemplating something as wonderful as Lake Phoksumdo with its intense and dazzling turquoise colour unchanged over the ages. The scarcity of Tibetan cultural villages in this region,  that have been here from the beginning of time and known to be cautious of strangers and rather inhospitable, does not make them better or worse than others. And it is on this basis, among other features of the place, where careful race organisation is required. This will include the points “©” and high rates of  € 310 per runner for two weeks that the Nepalese government has implemented with the intention of deterring potential visitors and having them choose another destination safer than this hostile, adventurous and charming place.
* Points “©” (Chisme Points).
  • These points are places that have been specifically located throughout the Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo© route, for organising staff to be placed on the scheduled day to provide competitors with the necessary items needed for rest and food.  The start and finish of race stages will also coincide with these points.
  • These points include: three people (A guide, a cook and an assistant cook), breakfast and dinner, cooked food to have during the race. Runners must select and carry this food themselves. There will also be nuts, dates, guava, chocolates, biscuits and mineral salts for water, sleeping tent, dining tent, kitchen tent, spare socks (one pair per runner), first aid kit and kitchen equipment.
  • Visa for entry to Nepal may be obtained on entry into the country, where a form, provided by the Nepali Ministry of Tourism is located at the entrance to the airport counters. Fill in this form, attach a passport size photograph (That you have brought with you) and stand in the no visa queue. Payment of visa for 30 days stay will be 40 USD$ (32 € Depending on the exchange rate).
  • You can also obtain a visa in your own country of origin at a higher cost but for the same period of stay.
  •  Check the expiry date of your passport. Your passport along with your ticket will remain in the agency in Kathmandu to ensure the location of all passports at all times and also in order to be able to manage any changes in flights on behalf of the runner, if necessary.
  • Read, understand and accept Procedures.
  • Registration period: each year, from January 15 to July 31.from January 15 to July 31.
  • You must fill out the forms, done that, forward them by email to chismes@chismes.eu
  • Once the Registration Form is received, Chismes will notify the runner in no later than 7 days. You will know if you have been pre-selected if your name appears in the Runners’ List.
  • After this notification you have 7 days to submit the remaining two forms: Agreement Form and Medical Report.
  • Chismes will review these two received forms and in no later than 7 days, inform the runner, so that he/she will know if he/she has been admitted to the requested race.
  • Once the runner is registered, Chismes will issue an invoice for the amount and payment terms as well as any other relevant information.
  • Registration fee for the Ultra Trail Chismes-Annapurna © 2,100 €.
  • Registration fee for the Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo ©  3,000 €. (Includes stages Annapurna mountain trail race ©).
  • Chismes only accepts bank transfers and cash payments in Euros.
  • 50% of the amount of the invoice must be paid by bank transfer within 15 days from receipt of invoice.
  • The price is in Euros. The transfer payment in a different currency will be calculated at the exchange rate of the day the payment arrives to the bank account of Chismes.
  • The client will be responsible for any bank charges that may arise when paying by bank transfer.
  • If within the mentioned period of 15 days the transfer payment is not received, Chismes will be obliged to reject the registration.
  • If the registration is rejected, the interested runner may be eligible for re-registration, having to start the registration process from the beginning because due to the preservation of the identities of participants, Chismes destroys all data received, except name, email, and social networks such as web, blog, etc.
  • The remaining 50% will be paid in cash on delivery of sports number (Day of arrival in Kathmandu at 17:00 hours in the hotel).
Costs included
  • Airport pickup and transfer to hotel.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu in **** in a double room with breakfast.
  • Transport used in transfer from Kathmandu to the start of the race and the end of the race to Kathmandu, (Bus, jeep and domestic flights), accommodation with breakfast, lunch, dinner, non-bottled mineral salts and liquids, from departure from Kathmandu to arrival back in Kathmandu.
  • Awards Dinner in Kathmandu.
  • Cash prizes for the first three overall leaders in masculine and feminine for the Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo. 1st prize – 1,000€, 2nd prize – 500€, 3rd prize – 250€. (Conditioned to minimum of 30 competitors  in race)
  • Gifts for most of the runners.
  • Diploma-Trophy for all runners.
  • Points “©” assigned throughout the course of the race.
  • All administrative costs, permits and fees required for the race, trail and workers’ insurance.
  • All personnel infrastructure necessary for the race.
  • All necessary common items for the entire group of runners during the race, such as: tents, first aid kit, gas, stoves, food and energy food for every runner to carry during the race and anything else necessary for the group that is not understood as personal.
  • A pair of thick socks supplied daily to the runner, delivered at the end of each stage of the race, except the Juphal stage.
  • Tourist routes for those participating in the Ultra Trail Chismes-Annapurna ©.
  • Sports number delivery.
  • Transfer from hotel to airport.
* Prices do not include.
  • Air transport from place of origin to Kathmandu and from there back to origin.
  • Bottled drinks, laundry, mail, phone calls, emails and anything personal.
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu.
  • Nepal entry visa.
  • Personal insurance.
  • Any personal expenses, third party gestures, or tips.
  • Personal computer.
  • Helicopter rescue. Note: Should there be any need for the rescue helicopter, the organization would advance the payment of expenses incurred, which would be recovered by the organization by charging the insurance agency with which the rescued runner has his/her insurance policy. The runner has an obligation to hold a valid insurance that offers this service.
  • Medical services. Note: Should there be any need to use this service, the organization would advance the payment of expenses incurred, which would be recovered by the organization by charging the insurer with which the rescued runner has his/her insurance policy. The runner has an obligation to hold a valid insurance that offers this service.
  • Note: including a guaranteed medical service on the race program in the program would mean at least having a doctor at the end of each stage with the corresponding equipment. Given the place where this race is run, it would cost too much, therefore making the race almost impossible to take place. In order to effectively address this important issue, if you were to need health care, we have opted for the rescue helicopter. The guides will determine your need for action by non-progression of the corridor, it will be possible by the presence in the race and by signal from the GPS locator phone thateach carry. In this way, transfer within a few hours will be made to a medical service with more resources that can be offered in the mountains. There is no infrastructure for vehicle rescues; rescues performed by porters or horses are extremely slow and depending on the nature of the rescue, the effectiveness of this means is questionable.
* Cancellations made by runners.
  • For cancellations during the registration period, the competitor will receive the amount paid for the race by bank transfer, less bank charges incurred within a period not exceeding 7 days.
  • For cancellations made between the Registration deadline and 15 days before arrival in Kathmandu:
1. The applicant will receive the amount paid for the race by bank transfer, less any bank charges incurred within a period not exceeding 7 days, provided there are runners on the Waiting Runner’s List.
2. If it there are no runners enrolled on the Runner’s Waiting List, the claim is not subject to refund for this edition, leaving the claimed amount on deposit for the next edition, where the runner may participate by paying the difference of the new registration fee if there is an increase, if the runner decides not to participate, he/she will be refunded the money when the public list of Runners is covered. This will take place no later than 7 days via bank transfer less bank charges incurred.
  • Cancellations made 15 days before the deadline for arrival at Kathmandu will be assessed according to that set out in paragraph 2 above.
  • Cancellations and refunds could affect the costs of organization for the race and consequently the other runners who have decided to participate in the race (s).
* Cancellations by Chismes.
  • If exceptional circumstances arise that are beyond the control of Chismes, for example, death of all the organization group or part of the organization group, Chismes, or if this is not possible, the bank with which Chismes works, has the power and duty to execute the return of payments made by runners by bank transfer for the total amount paid, less any bank charges incurred.
  • You or your bank shall carry out the payment claim made to Chismes.
  • If the cancellation were made due to not achieving the minimum number of members to cover the cost of mountain races, payouts will be in kept in deposit for the next edition, and will not suffer any increase in the cost of re-registration in case of change. Any runner, who does not agree with the above, may claim his payment, and within no more than 7 days he/she would be refunded, less the bank charges incurred.
* Photography and Video.
  • Photographic and film material that the staff of the organization collects during the extension of the program, will remain the property of Chismes Himalaya, SL.
  • Runners may request this material for personal use. For any another purpose, Chismes Himalaya, SL shall be notified with the intention of reaching an agreement.
* Doctor and Material.
  • A doctor is available in Kathmandu. if medical assistance becomes necessary during the race, this will only be possible in Jomsom, Dunai, Juphal, in some of the villages along the Ultra Trail Chismes-Annapurna © and in the event of having to rescue by helicopter.
  • A first aid kit is available at the start and finish of each stage of the race.
  • For your own safety and that of the group, please fill out the medical form accurately, truthfully and correctly. Chismes remains responsible for safety, to ensure your safety and that of the group as a whole, the medical history of each member must be very clear to the doctor,   and organization. The medical records of each member are completely confidential, and will be used by whom it may concern if the need arises to ensure the health of the runner.
  • All members are required to have insurance, which includes possible helicopter rescue. It should have a minimum coverage of € 6,000.
  • It is recommended that clients who purchase travel insurance include the possible cancellation of the mountain races and flights due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
  • We also suggest you have an accident insurance and life insurance policy.
* Age.
  • Chismes does not accept applicants less than 18 years of age. Applicants 65 years old and over will have their registration forms studied in greater detail, but could require different medical certificates.
  • Runners must be fully aware that the place where the trail runs take place and especially with reference to the second one Chismes-Dolpo ©” is a harsh and hostile place with difficult access to a possible rescue helicopter, and impossible by car and that he/she must be self-sufficient for the duration of the activity in each stage.
  • In the Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo ©, “we suggest you run in groups”, except on the last day until near the end of each stage.
  • Competitors must have clear that the main objective of the race is to finish each stage with enough time left to eat and rest in order to face the next day in condition to begin the new stage, and so on until the end of the race.
  • Competitors must have considerable experience in running in mountains over highly irregular aggressive trails, areas of loose stones of all sizes, canyons with the risk of falling into them, crossing stony freezing rivers without bridges, and slippery areas, besides possessing a good sense of direction.
  • Runners have the obligation of assisting other runners if the need should arise. This condition prevails above all others.
  • The organizers reserve the right to suspend the race (s), if the lives of the runners were at risk or if, or if any undesired disaster should occur.
  • Runners will be accompanied by two members of the organization (Guide runner), during the different stages of the race. One member of the organization will go in front to open the stage, film and photograph, guide runners in the areas where the true path is difficult to define and the second organization member will close the stage, film and photograph, and make sure that no runner is left behind. Both equipped with GPS locators.
  • With the intention of minimizing costs and providing more reliability to the mountain races, Chismes will send to Nepal the minimum necessary staff to carry out work and verify the work of our coordinator in Nepal, Mr.Tenzing Sherpa, (Company: Lali Gurans Trek Expedition (P) Ltd.) laligurans@wlink.com.np ), responsible for all planning necessary for our mountain races: food, personnel, transport of materials, setting up posts “©”, accommodation in villages for the mountain races, flights, Helicopter contact, doctor, cargo carrier for animals, and everything that has to do with the mountain races under the management of Chismes.
* Food.
  • Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) will be given during the race; both are buffet in hotels and at © points.
  • During the race, after breakfast and before the next race stage starts, runners will prepare their own food, either cooked or not, which they transport themselves in their personal backpacks in order to eat during the activity.
  • At “©” points, brokers are free to enjoy available food that do not need to be prepared by cooks, such as biscuits, chocolates, nuts, preserves, guava.
  • Before the start of each stage and at the end, there will be coffee, milk, tea, hot or cold water and minerals available for runners to have the amount they see convenient to hydrate themselves during the stage break and the start of the next stage, to which they can add salt, sugar, honey and minerals as they see fit.
  • During the stages, every night, hot water will be provided on request, to which you must add the salts and we advise you to also use this bottle as a hot water bottle by putting it into your sleeping bag with you.
  • At the hotel in Kathmandu, you can enjoy internet and telephone connection. In the rest of the city, many hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc, offer wireless internet connection services for free, especially in the tourist area of “Tamela”.
  • Internet and telephone services are also available in the villages where the mountain race Chismes-Annapurna © stages start and finish.
  • In the Ultra Trail Chismes-Dolpo ©, internet and telephone service is not available except along the trail run in Charka Bhote, Saldang (1 hour off the running course), at Ringmogaon, Chhepka and Juphal. “These phones are usually private and not always easy to use except in Juphal. There is no coverage for mobile telephones in this area.
  • If it were necessary to use the phone in the town of Saldanha, but you find problems, get in touch with “Chimes Namgyal (Resident of the area, a well-known and reputed Tibetan school teacher in the village of Karang), who can be located in the village of Karang, in the home of Phukchung. This village is located in a northerly direction through Saldang, at more or less 2 hours running once we have taken the detour from the route of the race at the start of the climb to the “Shey” Pass.
* Sports Number Delivery.
  • The numbers will be handed in hotel out at 17:00 the day of arrival in Kathmandu.
  • Together with the sports number you will also receive: a shirt and light jacket with race information printed on them, personal licenses issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal, route book and a bag with your sports number on it. Note: Every runner is to download the maps and photos with route information from this website to use during the race.
  • Runners must put any necessary items they deem appropriate into the bag provided for use at the end of each Chismes-Annapurna © or Chismes-Dolpo© race.
  • On the second day in the hotel in Kathmandu at 17:00 hours, a meeting between the competitors and the organization will take place to review and provide program details. At the end of this meeting, all participating runners must submit the bag with the personal belongings they believe to be necessary for the end of each race. The organization will make these bags available to the runner at the end of each race.
  • On that same day, participating runners must hand in their passports and plane tickets. These will remain in safe deposit at our Kathmandu agency, and in case of any unforeseen event, they will be available to make changes on return flights.
  • The races will be run in daily stages.
  • Each stage will have a departure time marked (07:00 hours), runners must start the race at the appointed hour for the start off. 15 minutes before you go through the table of organization.
  • Upon arrival at the end of each stage, the competitors must go to the guide for each stage (who will be waiting and attentive to your arrival), in order to record each runner’s time for the completed stage.
  • Competitors must wear their sport’s number in a visible place throughout the whole course of each stage.
  • Competitors running with sponsorship, have no limitations on advertising.
  • The organization reserves the right to perform short-term changes of stages / routes, etc, in case of unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

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